Cyber security expert Phortress has launched a free website scan to help companies tackle the threat posed by cyber criminals.

The company says that too many businesses are ignoring the dangers, particularly in the North East of England, where it is based.

Now, companies can go to a page on the company’s website, to be found at, to obtain the free scan.

The company has ben warning about complacency for some time, pointing to a wide range of research that has highlighted the problem.

One study, by Censuswide and Crown Records Management, surveyed IT decision makers at companies with more than 200 employees and found that in Newcastle and the surrounding area 93% of businesses had lost important data, the highest figure in the country.

Nearly 30% of respondents reported that their companies had been hacked, while 43% said they knew someone whose computer had been hacked.

Phortress says that too many companies are not taking basic precautions and, as a result, risk massive disruption to their operations if attacked, costing money and damaging their reputation.

Hackers target websites in two ways, one of which is to hijack the server to send out spam emails which spread digital viruses or obtain recipients’ personal details. The other main way targets e-commerce sites by creating selling pages within legitimate websites so that the user thinks they are in touch with a legitimate seller when they are actually connected directly to the hackers.

Phortress is offering companies the free no-obligation diagnostic of their websites to discover if they have been compromised.

The diagnostic is applicable for any kind of businesses but Phortress says it will be particularly useful for IT professionals, accountants and solicitors, all of which handle sensitive information on a daily basis.

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Cyber security company launches free scan offer