Cyber security experts Phortress have issued a warning to small businesses who are ignoring the dangers posed by cyber-criminals. The UK-based company says that it is receiving a steady stream of requests for help from small business who have been targeted.

Phortress, which says that too many smaller companies think that an attack will not happen to them, points to a number of recent reports that underline the scale of the problem.

Among them was a survey published by the Federation of Small Businesses, whose latest report suggested that small firms were attacked seven million times per year, costing the UK economy an estimated £5.26 billion. Although 93% of small businesses had taken steps to protect their business, 66% had still become a victim in the past two years, some of them more than once, costing each business almost £3,000 in total on average.

Another report, this time from the UK Government, showed that the most common attacks involve viruses, spyware or malware that could have been prevented through the use of simple precautions. The survey found that only a third of firms had formal written cyber security policies and just 10% had an incident management plan in place.

Phortress says that the report reflects its own experience and the company has urged small businesses to take the problem seriously and put security procedures in place.

Phortress is a leading IT Security Solutions Specialist that helps organisations across the globe to secure their networks, systems and data. Based in the UK, Phortress offers IT security services to businesses, both large and small, as well as government bodies, police forces, hosting companies and web development agencies. They also test websites, networks and social engineering for clients, and recommend what work has to be carried out.

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Cyber security specialists warns small companies ‘it could happen to you’